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20 Responses to Your Comments

  1. Peter Barnes says:

    I was entirely in agreement with your thoughts about the existing web site: mind you I couldn’t get to this site via a Google search either. I hope the Council can be persuaded that a willing volunteer (such as yourself) may act as Webmaster on behalf of the council).

    • salix1951tb says:

      Thanks for your supportive words Peter.

      It often takes a couple of days for Google to find and index a site. The more relevant comment the site has and the more it is linked to by other sites the quicker this happens. The site was put together on 9th Jan 2013 and at the moment (16:45 on 11 Jan 2013) a Google search using the words” Bicker Parish Council” has the bottom two of the first page of results occupied by two pages of this site. I’m quite pleased with that. I would expect that if the pages of this site were filled out with “real” information it would soon sit at the top of the first results page.


  2. Dave says:

    What an easy site to negotiate. Great potential its exactly what Bicker needs.
    Dave Webster………

  3. Barbara says:

    Couldn’t access site using Google or Norton browsers but successfully accessed using Google Chrome. Love the photographs you have used. Hope it becomes a reality! It is what the Bicker village community needs from Bicker Parish Council.


    Barbara Webster

  4. salix1951tb says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback Dave and Barbara – much appreciated.
    Barbara, Google (on any browser) has indexed all of the pages. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is being a little slower but I’m sure it will get there!
    For the technically minded this link shows the progress of indexing (amongst other things):

  5. Kathleen Hollis says:

    I was so excited to find this website. I have lived on and off in Bicker for some years but never knew that so much was happening. I am planning to return full time in the near future and, along with my husband, will be joining some of the organisations mentioned on this website.

    • salix1951tb says:

      Thanks for your comment Kathleen. The subject of the Bicker Parish Council website will be on the agenda of next month’s parish council meeting. The purpose of this website is to demonstrate what is possible and available at minimal cost, and the pages I’ve completed are illustrative. I’m hoping that this Test website will be endorsed as the parish’s own site. Your comment is helpful in showing the value of such a website. I’m sure that when you arrive in Bicker you’ll find plenty of activities to join in and a warm welcome from everyone.

  6. Kate Burgess says:

    Delighted to see a village website!! There is a lot going on in the village and people will be interested to read about it

  7. Neil Kerby says:

    Congratulations! A great looking site using the fantastic WordPress platform. Some lovely photos too. A shame that $18 per year couldn’t be found for a .org address.

  8. Ye Olde Red Lion, Bicker are holding their 2nd Community Night with Live Music and a Quiz on Wed 9th April. All proceeds to go to local Bicker charities and organisations. It would be great if we could have a contact for Bicker Parish to send information over so local people are aware of what we have up and coming. Many thanks Becky Thompson

  9. Steve Toyne says:

    How do I advertise in your magazine please? I contacted someone 2 weeks ago but have had no reply. Steve Toyne.

  10. lee foster says:

    Hello iv lived in bicker for 24 years all my life I just wondered why no one has decided to start a football team up for all ages we used to have one called the bicker rangers I think it will be really good to start it back up for all ages

    • salix1951tb says:

      Hi Lee,
      A good question and one that I hope someone can answer. It needs someone with the enthusiasm to get things started again, and often the drive of that person encourages others to join in. I think there would be goodwill and support if someone was prepared to take the first few steps. Is there such a person in Bicker? Surely there must be.

      • Adam Hall says:

        Hi, I have lived in Bicker for 12 of my 20 years of age. I am a qualified FA Level 1 Football Coach with a Child Safeguarding certificate and CRB, though been out of active football coaching for a couple of years I have coached children and adults from 4 – 16 and 18+.
        I think driving a campaign for Football in Bicker for all ages would be a fantastic idea; the village from a first look seems dead.

        There are a few issues with this however. The park as it is now would be deemed dangerous as the old mole hills are now like little trenches. Also there would need to be permission from the owners of the park to train there. The safety of the footballers is paramount so correct liability insurance would need to be in place incase of any serious injury caused by another member of the group or the training area itself.

        Apart from that, getting people away from their tv’s and games consoles and get each other together as an active community again would be a great idea.


      • salix1951tb says:

        Hi Adam,
        Bicker certainly isn’t dead and there’s more going on than you might imagine but it’s true that many of the activities are organised by and for older people and there is less for younger folk. It’s certainly the case that there is now no football to speak of in the village whereas it was very high profile in the past. I think it’s also true that if something could be started it would attract support. I’ll put a piece on the front page of this website to try and stimulate some debate, and I’ll contact you and Lee about getting something in the next issue of Bicker Magazine. That will be August unfortunately because the June issue is full and about to go to the printer.

  11. lee foster says:

    I wud say there is aswell but we all need to pull together and try and get it started up agen I wud love to play football for my village where I was born and bred and I no there a few more that wud to aswell who wud I need to speak to to get it published in the local magazine

  12. Andrew says:

    Hello, I have never been to Bicker but have driven nearby many times on the way from Manchester, to visit relatives in Hunstanton. Last year we were trying to come up with limericks on the journey. The best was for Bicker. I hope you don’t mind us sharing.

    A scruffy young Vicar from Bicker,
    Wanted to get to Church quicker,
    He bought a moped, put it next to his bed,
    And now he’s got time to look spicker.

    All the best from a regular A1/A17 passer by.

  13. Michael BLADES says:

    My interest in Bicker comes from my Great Grandmother who was born here. She married my Great Grandfather who was from Old Leake & together they moved to Sheffield in the mid 1800s. Her name was Maria Ledger. Not sure if that name is still present in the village to this day though. Going to have to come down & take a look around sometime.

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