Bicker United Charity

The United Charity was founded in 1904 with the amalgamation of four previous charities, those of Thomas Bottomsall, Thomas & Ann Dickonson, William Tompson and Mrs Cust.

The Cowley Bicker Educational Foundation was an amalgamation of the Bicker Education Charity and Thomas Cowley Charity.  The Thomas Cowley Charity was founded by his Will in 1711.

The Charities own over 52 acres of prime agricultural land, which is rented to individuals and farmers within the village. Two lump sum investments are held with CCLA Management, the Charities Official Investment Fund, which pays quarterly dividends into trust funds.

The function of the Charities, under the custodianship of the Trustees, is to administer both Welfare and Educational Grant Awards from the Charities’ income.

Note: This extract from the first edition (1842) of William White’s “History, Gazetteer and Directory of Lincolnshire” gives further details of the original charitable bequests.