Bicker in 1842

The following extract comes from the first edition (1842) of William White’s “History, Gazetteer and Directory of Lincolnshire”. White wrote a volume for each English county and many of these were updated with revised information. A further Lincolnshire edition was published in 1856.

BICKER a neat and pleasant village, 2 miles from Donington and Swineshead, and 9 miles S.W. of Boston, has in its parish 692 inhabitants, and 3270 acres of land, including the extra-parochial allotments of Holland Fen, called Coppin Syke and Ferry Corner, the latter of which includes the hamlet of Langrick Ferry, on the Witham, 5 miles N.W. of Boston. The old enclosures are mostly grazing land, but the greater part of the fen (about 2000 A.) is arable. Bicker is an ancient village, and a chain of mounds running near it from Swineshead to Donington, are supposed to have been Roman encampments, or more properly to have been thrown up to prevent the encroachments of the sea, Bicker formerly having an haven, up which the tides flowed from Fosdyke Wash. Near the village are the hamlets of Frist and Gauntlet. Charles Chaplin, Esq., is lord of the manor of Helpringham with Bicker, but a large portion of this parish belongs to other proprietors, among whom are T. Rason, D. Trimnell, J.W. and T. Morley. Richard Holmes, and G. Norris. The church (St. Swithen) is a small antique fabric. It is a discharged vicarage, valued in K.B. at £15, and now at £560. The Dean and Chapter of Lincoln are patrons, and the Rev. Frederick Apthrorp, incumbent. Here is a small Methodist Chapel. The School is now free for the instruction of 21 poor boys, and the master has a yearly salary of twenty guineas, of which £6 arises from 1A. 1R. 20P. of land, alotted at the enclosure in lieu of land left by Thomas Cowley, in 1711. The poor pensioners have the following yearly doles, viz., 20s. out of Low Green, left by Thomas Bottomsall, in 1593; £6. from Molltoft, left by Thomas Dickonson, in 1652; £25 from a cottage and 10A. 2R, 22P., left by William Tompson, in 1686; £26. 18s., as the rent of the workhouse, four adjoining cottages, and 1A. 1R. of land, supposed to have been left by the Cust family; and £59, from 34A. 8P., allotted at the enclosure, in respect of the various charity lands. BICKER PARISH; marked 1, live at Gauntlet; 2, on the Fen; 3,  Ings; 4, Marsh; and the rest in Bicker. Aulsebrook Ts. vict. White Horse: Christian John, blacksmith: Cooley Wm. Godbehere, shopkeeper: Hall Wm. carpenter: Holmes Mrs Elizabeth: Johnson Thomas, schoolmaster: Lee John, bricklayer: Meredith Mary, vict. Red Lion: Morley Mrs Mary: Payne John, wheelwright: Pitt Charles, carpenter: Ranby Robert, corn miller: Sandall Richard, butcher: Stimson H., beerhouse: Warnes James Claxton, shoemaker: Wilson Rev. Joseph, curate:  Farmers and Graziers Barnes Edward:  Bilsby John: 1 Bonner A. F.: Casswell Ann: 4 Carratt Peter: 1 Cone Thomas: 2 Crow Thos. S: 3 Godley John Dawson: 2 Godley Wm.: Graham George: Green Charles: 2 Holmes Richd.:  Jackson Wm.: 2 Jarvis Ts. R.:  3 King Thomas: 2 Lieusley Jas.: Lieusley Samuel: Morley John: Morley Wm.&Ts.: Norris G. Frist: 3 Stimson Robert: Trimnell David: 2 Turner Edward: 4 White Edward